Music This Week – July 30th

Music (2)

The music scene in Portland, Maine this week is off the charts. Someone must have cranked it all the way to 11. The Maine State Pier is booked for a 4 day weekend starting tonight. If you notice the nice weather in the next week than you’ll know venues like Portland Lobster Company and The Maine State Pier are going to have amazing shows. Here’s a list of live music playing in the Portland Old Port. [Read more…]

Weekend Guide July 24-26

Weekend Guide July 24-26

For full listings of what’s going on all week in the Old Port, be sure to visit our Events page.

Friday, July 24: If you haven’t heard yet, there is a beer festival going on this weekend that’s kind of a big deal. Like, really big. And in anticipation of said festival, there are a couple of pre-gaming events going down tonight that you should check out, even if you can’t make it to the main event. [Read more…]

The North Point: Bistro Dining and Drinks at the Fringe of the Old Port

The Norrth Point

The North Point is right in the Old Port, but just slightly off the beaten path and enough so that you may not have visited yet. If that’s the case, we recommend you add it to your rotation of happy hour destinations. [Read more…]

Tall Ships Charm Portland, Maine

Tall Ships Portland, Maine

The waterfront in Downtown Portland, Maine was graced by the beauty of the tall ships traveling up the east coast. It started on June 13th in Cape Charles, VA where the voyage of the Lafayette’s Hermione sailed up the east coast and ending in Portland, Maine. The Hermione was joined by numerous towering ships hailing from Germany, Spain, New Zealand, US, and Canada. [Read more…]

Weekend Guide July 17-19

Weekend Guide July 17-19

Friday, July 17: You may have noticed that people in Portland really like their booze. I mean REALLY like their booze. And that’s OK, because it has led to an amazing craft cocktail scene, as well as two distilleries making Portland their home base: New England Distilling and Maine Craft Distilling. [Read more…]

The Internet Killed the Video Star – A Farewell to Videoport

Videoport Resized

While it seemed inevitable in the days of Redbox and digital streaming, it still comes as a bit of a sad shock to hear that our beloved Old Port institution, Videoport, will be closing its doors in August.

[Read more…]

Music This Week – July 16th


This weekend jam-packed with live music in the Portland Old Port. From The State Theatre, Thirsty Pig, Empire and much more you have plenty of choices for live entertainment in downtown Portland. Waka Flocka JUST sold out but there are plenty of other live music to replace the Atlanta-based rapper if you’re without a ticket tonight. Here are all the listings for the next week. [Read more…]

#ThePortlandBeerScout – June 10th

The Portland (1)

Friday keeps coming back every week and it brings awesome Maine beers on tap in the Portland Old Port. This week I paid Liquid Riot, Novare, The Thirsty Pig, and Portland Lobster Company a visit to see what they had ton tap for delicious craft beers. Here’s what they had on tap! [Read more…]

Weekend Guide July 10-12

Weekend guide 10-12

Friday, July 10: Summer goes by so quickly in Maine. Take advantage of Friday’s sunny forecast by hitting a happy hour at your favorite bar with a deck. Some of our favorites include Boone’s Fish House and Oyster Room, The Porthole and Portland Lobster Company. Start your night right at Boone’s, where they knock $5 off select cocktails and $3 off select draft beer and wines from 4-6 pm. [Read more…]

60 Minutes, 10 People, 1 Locked Door – The Escape Room

Escape Room

The door closes behind you. The digital clock on the wall starts ticking down from 60 minutes, 00 seconds. You can feel your heart begin to race as you look around the room, scanning for clues. You and your companions have only one hour to solve the mystery of how to make your way out of – The Escape Room. [Read more…]