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Harvest On The Harbor Moonlight Gala Chefs Of The Coast

Harvest On The Harbor Moonlight Gala Chefs Of The Coast

The Harvest on the Harbor annual series of events is officially underway. It’s a five-day-long series of elegant food and beverage celebrations featuring local chefs, breweries, and top-end wineries. A new event called Moonlight Gala Chefs of the Coast kicked off Harvest on the Harbor this year.

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Featuring wines from Marchesi Di Barolo paired with 5 courses from local chefs, the Moonlight Gala was a smash success. The event was held at The Landing at Pine Point, a luxurious venue in Scarborough, Maine. Each dinner course was presented by the winery representative as well as the chefs who created the dish. Havens Candies were in attendance with their tasty chocolate treats.

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Marchesi Di Barolo provided delicious wines for the event, including terroir-driven Gavi, single-vineyard Barbera, Barbaresco Tradizione, the single-vineyard Cannubi Barolo. Each wine was carefully selected to pair with each dish of food.

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Music was being provided by Sly Chi, a funky yet soulful jazz band. They rocked the stage and got people on the dance floor with their unique big-band sounding tunes.

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Who’s cooking:

  • Chef Steve Sicinski – Sea Glass at Inn By The Sea
  • Chef Avery Richter – The Black Tie Company
  • Chef David Turin – David’s Restaurant/David’s Opus Ten
  • Chef Emil Rivera – Sur Lie
  • Chef Harding Lee Smith – The Rooms
  • Chef Jason Daly – Crooners & Cocktails
  • Chef Kerry Altiero – Café Miranda
  • Chef Melissa Bouchard – Dimillo’s on the Water
  • Chef Ray Franlyn – Solo Bistro
  • Chef William Benner – Black Point Inn
  • Havens Candies



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