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NOWisNOW is an energetic power trio formed in 2001 by singer/songwriter Mitch Alden in Portland , Maine . The band maintains an ambitious schedule of over 100 dates annually and delivers a steady repertoire of high-energy alternative rock covers and originals (penned by Alden). The band’s steady circuit includes ski bars in New Hampshire and Maine, patio gigs around New England, and a few New York City rock clubs. The band occasionally appears in a scaled-down acoustic trio format or as a duo.

The tight rhythm section features Drew Wyman (bass, vocals) and Chris Wikles (drums, vocals) – both professional musicians with extensive musical backgrounds – whose musical prowess supports Alden’s high energy performances to create the dynamic NOWisNOW experience. Alden performs several solo gigs on acoustic guitar and has garnered a dedicated fan base of friends and followers.

NOWisNOW has released three full-length CD’s: Transitions, 2001; Days of Summe, 2003; Never Go Back, 2006; and a full-length Mitch Alden CD, Old Habits, 2011.

See them live Friday November 8th at RiRa Irish Pub!




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