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CoworkHERS is a workspace and community for those who identify as women, part of a marginalized community, or anyone who has felt unwelcome or uncomfortable in any work environment. We aim to create a safe environment for people to connect, build friendships and do their best work. We’d love to have you join the community.
coworkHERS is more than a workspace. Our Hive community is built on the many relationships between our members within our accepting space. In 2017 our founder Heather created coworkHERS, in the height of the #metoo movement, for women to feel welcome, safe, and connected to others. Building upon that foundation, we do welcome supporters of women and other marginalized communities. coworkHERS is an inviting and warm space to focus on your work, connect with others, develop friendships as adults, support one another, and impact change within the larger Portland community.
Along with floating memberships and dedicated desks, we also have 60 private offices ranging in size to meet your needs. All members have 24/7 access and an allotment of meeting room hours they can book, as well as access to phone booths, three kitchens, treadmill desks, a gym, lounges, coaching groups, members lunches, happy hours, game nights, craft clubs, and much more. 
We also offer options for those visiting Portland or in need of temporary space – you can book a day pass, daily office rental, meeting room or event space. Come for a tour or join us. 
coworkHERS is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers or anyone looking for more community. Work-wise, our members are Event Planners & Officiants, Coaches & Consultants, Therapists, Writers (including best-selling novelists), Photographers, Content Developers/Creators, User Experience Designers, Lawyers, App Developers, Game Creators, Public Health Policy Professionals, Art Curation Specialists, Voting & Environmental Advocates, Data Analysts, and the list goes on… And in life, our members are Single, Parents & Partners, Leaders & Advocates, Cyclists, Runners & Hikers, Home Renovators & Designers, Foster Parents, Pet Parents, Artists & Crafters, Pole Dancers & Performers, Chefs & Foodies, Gardners, Meditators & Yogis, Bloggers, and the list goes on…
Come for a tour – we’d love to have you join us. 


Based on 13 reviews
Lily Bourey
Such a lovely space to work! Wish they had this down in NH so I could become a member. Our company up in Portland uses them for occasional meetings in their meeting rooms and it has been fantastic! Easy to book and such a great space to meet!
Jason Heinze
I love working here. It's a great community of interesting, dedicated, kind people. Heather and Julie work extremely hard to ensure we have everything we need to do our work comfortably and efficiently. I'm so happy I joined coworkHERS and couldn't recommend it more highly.
Jacob Bazinet
I am beyond impressed with all aspects of coworkHERS. From the high quality amenities and spaces, to the kind and compassionate owner, I feel coworkHERS provides a safe and professional environment within the heart of Portland. coworkHERS is one of the most organized and impressive Portland businesses I have ever seen.
Stuart E.Y. Richie
coworkHERS is an inclusive and inviting space. In the summer of 2021 I needed a quiet space for work and this environment was the perfect fit. The suite provided a professional space to focus on work while also allowing for networking and collaboration.
Jen Dean
Beautifully decorated and well thought out space. There is co-working, private offices, meeting rooms that can be reserved, large presentation spaces, and a great local community of women. I love the energy in this space!

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