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The Weekend Guide for April 19th – 21st

Need some last-minute plans for Easter weekend in Portland? Whether you’re avoiding family or just scared of the Easter bunny, we’ve got you covered with a line-up of can’t-miss events. [Read More…]

The Weekend Guide for April 12th – 14th

Trying to get the heck out of dodge? The biggest party in the East returns for its 31st year this weekend at Sugarloaf! This year’s Reggae Fest features Fortunate Youth, Might Mystic & The Hard Roots Movement, and more! If you’re planning on sticking around the Old Port, keep reading for some exciting events happening this weekend.

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The Weekend Guide for April 5th – 7th

When a weekend starts on a First Friday and ends on National Beer Day, you have to expect greatness out of everything in between.

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The Worst of the Worst : Confessions of an Anonymous Portland Waitress

In my last post, I wrote about the customers that bring me joy, make me laugh, and truly make my job worth doing. However, dear readers, I’m sure you anticipated what was to come next. I can’t be nice forever because holy friggin heck this job sucks sometimes. So without delay, let’s jump into my list of the worst of the worst, the customers who occasionally make me wonder if I’m already dead and waitressing is simply my special punishment in hell. After reading, you can let me know if you think I’ll be serving until I’m financially solvent or if I should anticipate being here for all eternity.

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