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We call ourselves The Fish & Bone because the closest-to-whole, most-natural food is what cats and dogs instinctively crave, and what they thrive on.

We are geeky about pet food, so you don’t have to be. All of our foods and treats are hand-chosen, and many brands don’t make the cut. Our food does not contain artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives and no by-products. Our featured brands use human grade whole named protein sources like chicken, beef, venison, lamb, pork, and fish.

In our shops we talk a lot about pet food. We recommend frozen raw food for most pets because it’s minimally processed, nutritionally dense, and high in water content. Online and in store, you’ll also find the best selection of freeze-dried raw, wet, dehydrated and dry pet foods available.

But wait….don’t think for a minute that we’re too serious to have a good time! Take a look around and we’ll show you our favorite toys, coats, sweaters, beds, collars, and other necessities. We’ve hand-picked them for your pets based on their quality, function, durability, value and great design (ok maybe sometimes just because they are irresistibly fun).

We support our local shelters year-round, and if you’re interested in helping too, you’ll find bins in our stores for donations, and opportunities throughout the year to donate online.


Bobby Shafer
These folks really get dogs and dog owners. LOVE this place. Great vibe and uniquely curated items for your pup. Healthy things like dried duck hearts and organic treats. Wish we had one closer to home... I'd be there a lot!
Ronda Parker
We visited this store a few years ago while we were on vacation because our little girl wanted to bring her cat a souvenir. The store is super cute and the people working were so sweet to our kid. They showed her the toys and with their help she ended up picking (and paying with her own money) 2 of the little catnip donuts and our cat is OBSESSED with them. It’s literally the only toy she wants to play with. She’s already torn one of them to shreds and I’ve patched the other one but it’s close to needing to be tossed. We’ve tried to find something similar close to home but she’s spoiled and picky and won’t play with anything the way she plays with the donut toy we got while on vacation 2,500 miles from home.I considered calling our friend who is local in Maine and asking her to go get a few. I randomly kept the business card, and was delighted to discover I could buy them myself and have them shipped to Utah.It may seem silly but the kindness the staff showed to a little girl from Utah who missed her pet and wanted to buy a souvenir left enough of an impression that even from 2500 miles away, we will happily be customers for life.
Olivia Johnson
We decided to check this out after seeing it on our first day. We wanted to get some gifts for a cats when we got back for vacation. They had a huge selection of both cat items and dog items. It's huge for the cat items because not a lot of pet stores cater to cats they mostly cater to dogs. This store is the exception to that rule. Everyone at the fish and bone was super helpful if we had any questions and was a super quick and easy checkout.
Trox Cronos
Staff was very friendly and inviting. Plenty of toys and treats. Was very excited for the free cat magnet. Wasn't expecting it. Will definitely be returning. 10/10 will reccomend.
Ernesto Nunez
I bought my Aussiedoodle a good quality jean jacket. Easy to put on and looks great on him. He gets daily compliments every time I take him out for walks. Beautiful store and friendly customer service.
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