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Hard Cider From the Heart of Maine

For people that want a true hard cider, Freedom’s Edge is redefining cider by taking the time to do it right, using exceptional apples, thoughtful ingredients, and traditional practices – allowing people to rediscover cider for the first time.

It all starts with the right apple. We’ve planted over 30 different varietals, most of which are characterized as bittersweet or bittersharp. These ideal apples have a large amount of tannins, which are an essential element for making full-bodied ciders.

You haven’t had cider like this. Using the right cultivated apples and bringing back traditional practices, in a modern way, we’re challenging people’s perception of what cider is.

Are you ready to meet real cider for the very first time?

Unlike grapes, very few apples make a good hard cider all by themselves. Instead, we blend many apples to get the flavor we’re looking for. This can vary from season to season so while there’s quite a bit of science to making great ciders – there’s an art too.


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