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Mami is bringing delicious izakaya style food to Portland, ME. We are a restaurant and food truck! 

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Based on 460 reviews
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Had lunch. It is a small place with limited seating. Had rice ball and sweet potato appetizers. Tasty. We had the vegetable and noodle bowl, the steak and rice bowl and the chicken sandwich. All were very good. Three beers on tap and several sakis.
Hidden gem in a very cool part of town. The servers are knowledgeable, attentive, and friendly. The vibe is spot on and the food is out of this world good. I drive 2 hours to eat here!! Gluten free options are available and there are fun non-alcoholic drinks. If you’re intimidated by the language on the menu ask questions - the servers are happy to guide you through this stunning culinary journey!!
one of my fave spots in Portland!! everything there I’ve had is delicious, especially the Katsu sando which is absolutely amazing
Very yummy!! The karaage was nice and crispy and the buns were very soft. Casual spot to go and was filled on a Friday night and didn’t even have to wait the full 10 min that they told us it would be for two. Only wish they had cocktails but don’t mind having something in a can instead
This place is so good. Slaps with flavor and I always leave recommending this place more and more! The chicken katsu sandwich is so delicious and the shishito pepper appetizer has to be one of my favorite snacks! The owners, Hana and Austin are amazing people and the food is always top notch quality!
I wish you could give half stars because this place was probably a 3.5 and not 4. We had some buns and the chicken sandwich. Decent but nothing extraordinary. There are lots of things on the menu that sounded good that we did not get but the selections were fairly limited. With so many other great places left to try in Portland and so many places we love I can't see uss going back - but don't let that stop you from trying it, we all have different tastes and I feel like I'm in the minority here given their really solid rating.
So good! The restaurant had a neat vibe. The sake cocktail was on point. We had the octopus balls and the beef rice bowl. Oh my goodness!
Authentic Maxican restaurant with variety of food. They can make changes for vegetarian meals!! Excellent service. My kids enjoyed eating Enchiladas, guacamole dip with their spicy sauce & chips.
The Okonomiyak was a delicious quick bite. Would have been great with a few beers. It's chewy and crispy with mayo and barbecue sauce flavor inside.PS check out their really cool presentation of the shaved mushrooms. The heat from the food appears to be making them move. I have never seen this before anywhere.
Great pork belly, everything else ok. Sweet part of town, shame about the traffic right outside
Visited Mami on Fore St with my family while on vacation for lunch. Sat outside and enjoyed a couple of staff suggested beers with our food. We got takoyaki, nikuman (both pictured) and yaki onigiri to start. I have been trying to find takoyaki for a long time and had to try it. Everything looked great and was well made crispy without being overdone or soggy inside and tasted delicious. We split an okonomiyaki and the katsu sando (pictured), both dishes were big with the chicken sandwich being an absolute monster, easily enough for 2 people to split. Great spot and vibe, would love to return in the future!
Mami is one of my absolute favorite places to get food! They don’t have a ton of celiac-friendly options, but the safe plates they do have are incredible. The Poke Don is my favorite dish EVER, I literally dream about it. I recently went & got the Yaki Imo for the first time and wow, it was amazing! I’ve never gotten anything here that I didn’t love. My fiancé is a huge fan of the Karaage fried chicken. Do yourself a favor & check this place out 😍 I typically takeout, but dining in is a great option, their space is lovely!
Love mami the staff is always super welcoming and attentive. I've never had a bad dish from them and would highly recommend mami.
What a great place to grab lunch. Onigiri was mouth watering!!! Kind service and delicious food.
Came in for a quick bite and and drink last week! The service was on point and the buns I had were super tasty. The chili crisp made it perfect. Loved the vibe and definitely wished I would have tried more items. Check them out if ever in Portland!
This is such a great spot, love love the food here. The karaage is one of the best in town.
Delicious Japanese style food and restaurant. Cozy and friendly staff. Drink selection is also great
Decided to have dinner here. Walked in and it was virtually empty. The staff said sit where ever you want. We chose a seat the the back at a small table by the window. Looked through the menu and decided to try everything. The waitress had some cold demeanor. Very strange. After we ordered, she told us that is a lot of food. When she came back we asked if we can put two of the small tables together. Her attitude was really bad. She proceeded to grudgingly put the table together and indicated with her head for me to move one of the chairs out of the way. Then she slammed the two tables together hard almost spilling our drinks. I wanted to say something, but didn’t want to get spit in our food. She is not friendly. Didn’t smile the whole time. The other waitress was actually better. Not sure what the problem is with the first one. Anyway. The food was ok. The notable snacks are the cold cucumber in sesame oil. The pork buns was good. The fried chicken was great. Very tender and juicy. The salmon rice ball is good as well. Out of the main dishes we had, the pancake was the best. The beef rice was ok and the noodles were too salty. Finished off with the sweet potato. I guess this is a good place to try some Japanese food but I wouldn’t go back because of the poor service.
Stopped in for a quick bite, got steamed buns, octopus balls, and sake. So good, great prices for quality and location! I so wish we had this in Montana.
Mami was definitely worth the visit! The pork buns were a cut-above and my favorite dish was the rice ball. When a restaurant can take something as plain as a white-rice ball and turn it into a crunchy, spicy, deeply-flavored sensation.. that's the mark of talent. My hat off to the kitchen. The menu was brief but highly cultivated. I can see why the locals suggest it.
Good was affordable, fresh and delicious. Incredibly helpful staff in a great location. Me and my wife loved it and felt the dizzying array of flavors were scrumptious
Been coming here for years and convinced this is the best Japanese spot in town. A little known secret is that they have the freshest salmon Donburi bowl…possibly on the entire east coast. I asked the staff once why it was so amazing and he said it’s because they get it fresh every morning from the fish market around the corner. The salmon doesn’t even go into a truck! The flavors are so incredible and well balanced.
We had a great experience at Mami. The staff was friendly and super efficient and the food was great. I will say that some dishes were vastly superior to others (The pork bun was insanely good while the octopus balls didn't quite hit the mark) but it was still overall delicious and deserves 5 stars. The prices are also extremely reasonable, especially for Portland!
Wonderful lunch experience here. The service staff was knowledge and attentive. Really unique menu options. We got the octopus balls and they were incredible. Also a really thorough Sake menu. Great spot!
The food here was too good. My boyfriend and I were visiting from Boston and came across this place while walking around & so happy we stopped in. The service was great and every single thing we ate was to die for. We had the burger, onigiri, and bao. 10/10!!!
Incredible food and a cool, casual, welcoming vibe. Two lovely servers while we were there and quick hot yummy food! Octopus balls, steamed buns, cabbage pancake were all outstanding.
Super delicious food. We shared a trio of appetizers and could have demolished twice as many. The cucumber salad, as simple as that may sound, was absolutely incredible.
This place is fantastic! Even dealing with issues through a major power outage the crew made the best of it, and made us feel very welcome. What a great group of employees! I have been here many times and the food is consistent and always fantastic! Highly recommended!
If you enjoy Japanese street food, Mami is a must! The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is exceptional. Two words that will change your life: Katsu Sando!
One of my favorite places to get a good lunch when I am in town.
After a very cold day in Portland, my girlfriend and I were craving for savory Asian food to warm us up, so we decided to check out Mami looking for ramen. Unfortunately the ramen wasn't available (it's a special they rotate on the menu), but we weren't disappointed by what we ordered. The karaage was perfectly crispy and tender, and paired well with the yakisoba, which also included roasted brussel sprouts, one of my favorites that surprisingly went well with this Japanese noodle favorite. My girlfriend went for the gyudon, which featured tender and juicy marinated beef on top of Japanese-style white rice. Overall a great value-for-money meal if you want street food-style Japanese food.
Beautiful atmosphere, and we had the sweetest waitress! The food was AMAZING and perfectly portioned.. we had the Yakisoba and Gyudon. Would love to come here again next time im in Portland!
A very small, fun restaurant. If you are down for a food mixup, this is a great option. You won't find anything like this place in the Portland area. We purposely starved ourselves all day so we could try as much of the menu as possible and we were not disappointed by any of it!
So incredibly good!! My brother in law loves Japanese culture and told us we all needed to try Miami. I had no expectations but I have to say it was awesome! We ordered every appetizer (no shame) and they were all delicious!! Highly recommend!!
The food was absolutely delicious, probably some of the best Japanese food I have had in the US. My partner and I order the takoyaki and gyudon. The atmosphere was very cozy and relaxing. The staff was also very friendly!!
I absolutely loved it. I'm Japanese and I lived in Japan until when I was 13 years old. I came to United States about 8 years ago and I've tried many Japanese restaurants but this place is definitely on top of it. I'm very pleased that how high the quality of foods and price. If you are looking for some comfort food and love Japanese food, I will recommend this Mami!
Some of the best food in the city.
absolutely the best karaage I’ve had in a while!! wonderful service and nice interior.
Great food and excellent service! Will definitely be back!
Told the waiter I COULD NOT have dairy…After the amazing soba noodles and fried rice ball I thought I had enjoyed a meal without any stomach problems but I was mistaken. It was about an hour drive back home from Portland and with 20 minutes left of the drive my stomach HURT. I wanted to title this “I WAS POISONED” because that’s truly how I felt. Situations like this discourage me from going out to eat/eating in general. :( this was my second time at MAMI and I’ll probably go again tbh I F-ing love those soba noodles. Next time I’ll have to be extra clear I guess!
While not everything here was perfectly executed, I was still introduced to some Japanese flavors and combinations I hadn't had before, and was very happy. I would probably give out a four star rating, but it seems this place is a bit new, and I definitely want to see it survive. My katsu sandwich was a wonderful combination of flavors I haven't tasted before, but it was very heavy and make the bottom piece of bread soggy and fall apart. The meat on the boyfriend's bowl was excellent. Our appetizers were perfect bites and delicious. I don't understand the paper plates and bowls, but maybe that's temporary. There was also very unexpected music and a vibe I didn't expect, but made for a great overall experience. This was probably the best food I've ever had in Portland.
This place is AWESOME! The grilled rice ball to start was superb. Then the Gyudon was fantastic and to finish the blueberry mochi cake was perfect!
Undecided where and what to eat? Go to Mami. Close your eyes. Point at a random spot on the menu. You'll be impressed.
Great place to eat. The salmon was amazing. We were very pleased with the food and service.
A great place for a beer and snack food/appetizers. I get the octopus balls pretty much every time and they have never disappointed. The cabbage pancake is another solid winner in my book.
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