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“A seed of ritual intention is embedded in each ripple and gesture as we move through the world. Moonday is an expression of this life force, part of the project of being an embodied human creature. There’s a rich, fractal landscape in the way a person pours tea.

Moonday launched in the summer of 2021 as a mobile espresso cart on a grassy promenade overlooking the ocean. Now it lives down the hill in a repurposed shipping container in one of the raddest neighborhoods in Portland.

Coffee only exists in relationship. I’m so happy to be part of Portland’s lush coffee landscape, and I’m thrilled to be getting our coffee from Speckled Ax, here in town; their wood-fired roasting is some spiritual science.

Our masala chai is made in-house from scratch and served small and strong, in the traditional manner, based on a recipe I learned in India. A deep, slow smell will wash your brain clear.

I once got into a friendly argument with a cafe owner about which is more important in a cappuccino: mastery or love. The pursuit of mastery is righteous, to be sure, but I maintain that the ceiling for a thing done lovingly will always be much higher.

I think coffee shops are the happiest places on Earth. I hope for Moonday to tap into this aquifer of coffee joy and release some of that sweetness into the world.

Coffee is fun! Come hang out!


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