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Are ghosts for real?  Good question!  After telling many tales, we ask our tour guests to share their own ghost stories.  First there is silence.  Then they usually begin with “I never believed in ghosts, until….”  One extraordinary experience made it real for them.


We find it extraordinary that some ghosts, along with pirates and witches, have a terrific sense of humor.   Somehow, that brings the legends and history alive for us.  Who doesn’t like to have fun?  Aye, we love the cackle of witches, specters enjoying themselves, the Jolly Roger, and smiles with a gold tooth.  But though we may cast a spell of storytelling, we leave it for you to decide what is real.


Are ghost writers for real?  Funny you should ask.  Some companies hire ghost writers to post 5 star reviews for them online.  Sometimes the unseen advisor for your trip is getting an invisible 25% of the ticket sales money for that attraction.   Avast, ye hearties!   But we leave it for you to decide whether or not to keep it real…


Wicked Walking Tours may not impel you to behave with integrity, kindness and compassion in the world, but we love to bring the real fun!  Like a laughing Buddha, we promise to put you in a good mood if you let us.  Can you let go?  For over 15 years, this local business started by native Mainers has quietly been all about truly connecting with our tour guests and community.  Not just to provide the most interesting education in the most entertaining way possible, but to reach out emotionally and spiritually.  The results?  Our tour guests leave feeling so alive, that some even come back with their friends and family.  Have you ever wanted to take a tour twice?  Have you noticed yet, that what goes around comes around?


THEN PLEASE JOIN US for a tour that leaves you wanting more!   It is highly original.  Authentically researched.  Slightly irreverent.  Loaded with factual dark history.  Delivered with rich, quality storytelling by seasoned performers.  It includes clean Stand-up comedy that is never mean or nasty, hysterical impersonations, street theater and more.   We create the synergy with our audience, and every single audience member counts. We even try to memorize everyone’s name to make certain you feel welcome and included.


It’s our goal to thoroughly interest and entertain you!  Have you read what they are saying about us?  “I’ve been taking this tour every year since 1697, and it just keeps getting better!” – Some Dead Lady in a Hoop Skirt.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  This tour has inspired other tours, locally and nationally. (We have been inspired by Bugs Bunny, and other rabbits locally and nationally.)


Our guides have sung in the shower.  Our guides have also performed at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center and even opera houses like the Teatro Communale in Narnia, Italy  (yes, C.S. Lewis of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe fame was inspired there).  Our guides perform.  They bring the light.  And a lantern as well…


As you stroll leisurely about the historic Old Port, we’ll tell you about the truly remarkable legends and history of haunted Portland.  You will learn little known facts about


– Our Minister, first attacked by Native Americans and then executed as a witch

– Our cemeteries

– Lula, a Captain’s daughter, and a Mayflower descendant, who forever haunts the docks, waiting for a ship that never came in

– Murderous Pirates

– A cursed society lady, ghosts and more…

What is it about a chill running down your spine that is so exciting?  We’re not sure, but on a Wicked Walking Tour, you won’t be alone when it happens. For real!  

Where does the tour meet?

Bell Buoy Park in front of Flatbread next to Casco Bay Lines
72 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine

Featured in BBC America, Peter Greenberg World Wide, Lonely Planet, and numerous broadcasting, publishing and internet communications.