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Opened in January of 2016, Woodford Food & Beverage is the culmination of a long running conversation betwixt owners Fayth Preyer & Birch Shambaugh and friend Courtney Loreg about great neighborhood restaurants we’ve loved, and why they matter.  Steeped in New England and classic regional cooking, the result is an outpost for intentional American dining in the wilds of Woodfords Corner, Portland.  Housed in a storied mid-century building at the center of the neighborhood we love, the joint we built draws inspiration from Maine’s natural bounty, Steak House & Brasserie classics, quality American roadside dining and bygone hospitality.

Woodford F&B is where we get to spend our days creating meals & experiences that make us happy. Here you will find the freshest seafood, including heaps of local oysters & mussels, alongside one of Maine’s best burgers, choice Steaks & Chops and outstanding seasonal produce. We pickle anything that sits still long enough, and quench thirsts daily with both fresh & classic cocktails, natural wines & local beer.  Perhaps most importantly, we know that a great meal is more than just great food. So come check out Woodfords Corner the next time you’re in Portland – it’s worth the visit.