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Butcher Burger was established in the Spring of 2014, specializing in unique burgers, sandwiches, lobster rolls and fries. Our early roots began on the coast of Maine where we operated a seasonal location before expanding into the Western Mountains of Maine in the ski town of Bethel which continues to operate year-round.

We opened our third location in the Old Port in late 2021 and is fitting in greatly with the Portland foodie scene with its burgers featuring a beef and bacon house patty, Maine lobster rolls, and triple-cooked Butcher fries.

We pride ourselves in supporting local breweries, and are pleased to serve you the very best of what the Maine beer scene has to offer.

Our lobster is locally sourced from lobster boats along the coast of Maine where it is then steamed and hand-picked in house.

All food waste and organic materials at Butcher Burger are composted and donated locally.

β€œYour body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.”

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Based on 455 reviews
Steve Weaver
I had the Hawaiian burger and it was excellent. Cooked to perfection and great taste. Fries were bomb. Service was ok I think it was post rush but servers were nice and helpful. Overall recommend.
David Robey
Outstanding! We stopped in right at opening and the staff was ready to go. Service was prompt and they seemed happy to have us. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed some of the best burgers we ever had. Perfectly cooked on a perfect brioche bun. Fries are always an afterthought, but to me they can break a burger. The butcher fries are perfect and the block sauce takes them to an even next level . The kids' options are on point as well. Going back.
Jae Kim
I got the Crystal double ipa and the fish sandwich and added fries to it. The fries were a bit soggy when I brought it to my hotel but I was blown away by the fried fish sandwich. I got the fries with salt and vinegar but there was barely any vinegar taste to it. The sandwich was massive. It was crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. This was also right by the hotel I stayed at so another plus.
Nick Chieppo
Great experience dining in with a friend. Servers were friendly, food arrived quickly, and the atmosphere inside was ideal! While there could have been more seating, everything else made up for it. Everything on the menu was DELICIOUS. The Butcher Burger is a staple but the chicken and waffles were amazing too! Fries and other sides were very solid. Butcher Burger is a must-try when visiting Old Port!!!
Kimberly G
itty bitty establishmentThere are only a handful of seats and all bar stools. If you score a bar stool you'll enjoy the food.Don't miss out on the salt -n-vinegar fries!

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