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So delicious, it’s gross.

What started as simple kitchen sarcasm grew into the idea to create a dessert focused restaurant and bar named, Gross. Catch the irony? So delicious, it’s gross. We truly believe that our guests need and deserve somewhere to go and enjoy the sweeter side of life. You’ll be surprised by our flavor combinations.


Based on 408 reviews
Nicholas Kieler
I didn't think I'd ever find a place to compete with Dessert Bar in Denver, but this place kicks major butt. Dessert Bar, which used to be one of my favorite places to go for dessert, is a lot more of a flashy and high class sort of spectacle, while Gross Confection Bar is more subtle and quality focused. What really truly blew my mind was the sharp aged parmesean cheese on caramel and vanilla ice cream. I have to say that at the time I considered the idea of parmesean cheese on dessert to be ridiculous, but after having this brilliant confection conception I can confidently say that I will be adding aged parmesean to every caramel inclusive desert I can. What a cool flex. The staff was super nice and helpful, and the place had all of the quiet comfort and chill of an underground basement speakeasy. If you're looking for a sweet treat in Portland, hit up Gross, or you will be sorry you missed it. Every other dessert option in Portland is gross by comparison. ;)
BETTY Rodriguez
First time at Gross - Excellent Coffee, delicious deserts made from scratch. Gorgeous brick rooms with high ceilings. Our server was wonderful!!
Mark Hyland
We chose Gross Confection Bar for a Sunday night dessert and cocktail. This is a great spot for both! We split the apple crisp creme brulee, which was stellar. The wait staff were friendly and went into great detail on how each dessert was prepared and made. We both enjoyed this unique bar in the Old Port.
Frank M
This place is truly wonderful. My wife and I were in Portland for the night and stopped by here.The desserts are absolutely delicious! The execution was spot on and creative. It is not a normal restaurant experience. Only problem was the creme brulee was not really as firm as it should of been. It was more soupy than a smooth creme. But that could of been the apple crumble topping.The server we had was very nice and very attentive. She was truly great.The atmosphere was just like every other restaurant in Portland dim lights and brick walls. Which is fine by me.
we try the Apple cider creme brulee, and the other one is chocolate caramel torte, both was fenomenal!! as a drink a Affogato
Keith A. (Kevin)
A dessert experience for savey globetrotters in need of a sweet symphony of flavors! Jacob at the bar, practically dared me to go for the affogato with basil custard. Sounds odd. Blows your mind and delights your palate. Tried the chocolate coconut crémeux and if heaven is this good, I wanna go now. Is that what they mean by "to die for!"?Literally haven't experienced anything like this outside of Europe. Hopefully there are enough conesseurs of fine confections to appreciate what they offer here and let it thrive! I'll defo be back next time I visit Portland.
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