Must-See Museums To Visit In Portland

Must-See Museums To Visit In Portland

Photo by Corey Templeton Photography

Portland is a city that likes to cover its bases. Sure, we have the Portland Museum of Art with untold offerings right in the middle of downtown, but we’re also partial to the Umbrella Cover Museum–just a ferry ride to Peak’s Island away.

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The Weekend Guide June 9th-11th, 2017

The Weekend Guide: Old Port Festival Edition! June 9th, 10th and mostly June 11, 2017!

Friday and Saturday are filled with music, foods and family events so please get out there and have fun because it looks like we will finally have a weekend long voyage of good weather. A big event for Friday is Square Hop and Saturday will be Shop for a Cause but for this Weekend Guide we will focus on a very anticipated yearly tradition here in the Old Port on Sunday June 11th, the one and only 44th annual Old Port Festival!

The family friendly festival takes over the heart of Portland from Congress to Commercial Street including Wharf Street, Dana Street, Moulton Street, Milk Street, Silver Street and Union Street from 6am to 6pm with a high spirited and colorful 11am parade to begin the day at the corner of Federal and Exchange! [Read more…]

Crooners & Cocktails: The Skinny on Happy Hour

Happy Hour Portland Maine

Crooners & Cocktails has the kind of razzmatazz that Ol’ Blue Eyes would be proud of. Although Chicago was Sinatra’s kind of town, I like to think he’d appreciate Portland, Maine, and the abundance of Happy Hour deals (especially those featuring his favorite gasoline, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.)

Choosing a watering hole can be frustrating, thanks to an average of 230 restaurants in the area. The pressure to offer something different to patrons is high… and Crooners & Cocktails is the first of its kind here.  [Read more…]

The Internet Killed the Video Star – A Farewell to Videoport

Videoport Resized

While it seemed inevitable in the days of Redbox and digital streaming, it still comes as a bit of a sad shock to hear that our beloved Old Port institution, Videoport, will be closing its doors in August.

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60 Minutes, 10 People, 1 Locked Door – The Escape Room

Escape Room

The door closes behind you. The digital clock on the wall starts ticking down from 60 minutes, 00 seconds. You can feel your heart begin to race as you look around the room, scanning for clues. You and your companions have only one hour to solve the mystery of how to make your way out of – The Escape Room. [Read more…]