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Until you find your calling, you don’t know what you’re missing. And from the moment you do, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Foundation Brewing Company is the story of what can happen when you follow that calling, pushing past the easy appeal of everything safe, solid and sure to pursue the promise and perils of passion.

That’s not to say we threw caution to the wind. We didn’t. We started down this path with decades of home brewing experience, and the unyielding drive of brewing geeks captivated by the science of beer, intent on the pursuit of distinct flavors and disciplined in efforts to document what we learned.

Since we took the plunge and created Foundation, we’ve grown carefully, focusing more on getting better than getting bigger. We’ve opened our tasting room doors to growing crowds of curious beer-o-philes, taking the time to listen, to share new recipes, to gain new insights, and to test new ideas in our perpetual pursuit of the next great recipe.

At Foundation, beer is more than a business. It’s more than a pastime. It’s our calling. And we’ll never grow tired of looking for the perfect answer.


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