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A top Portland destination for live local music, including some touring acts. The room is big and spacious with plenty of room for dancing. A wide range of music is played here, from the Blues to Pop music, Americana, Bluegrass, as well as recurring shows like The Maine Dead Project, and other colorful revue-style shows. Set only a block away from Monument Square, Portland House of Music & Events is an important cultural institution and well worth a visit.

Based on 400 reviews
Rick Moore
I saw the band Catcha Vibe at PHOME. Catcha Vibe was the most amazing band I've ever heard. If you haven't seen them yet I highly recommend you do. Definitely the best band out of Portland in a long time.
Andrew Pinkham
My son's band played there recently. The staff could not have been kinder or more accommodating. Great viewing sights. Great bar. Great spot in town and parking garage is on site.
Valerie Flanagan
Small, fun venue for local musicians 🎶Adequate bar and service.Strong smell of old-stale pot isn't attractive.
Brent Fidler
Being an old dude I thought I might feel a bit out of place when I went here with friends to attend a retro emo-themed event with burlesque. One of my friends' son was playing in the band featured that evening. The show was truly bizarre but enjoyable. The venue is really interesting- the stage is a decent size and there seems to be enough space for several hundred people. The acoustics were acceptable and the beer selection was decent. I really didn't feel so out of place considering I was about 25 to 30 years older than the average age of the patrons for this event.
Chris Evans
Great little venue. Reasonably priced alcoholic beverages. Good sound.
Valerie Flanagan
Funky venue for fresh sounds and local talent.Fun, safe, easy and great music 🎶🎶
Joe Parisi
Came here for the first time to see Ballyhoo! Never heard of the venue before. Really nice spot. You can get as close to the stage as you want. Never had to wait very long for a drink even when the place was full. It emptied out towards the end being a weeknight so I was able to take a picture from the back looking towards the stage. Had a great time
Super Tax Genius
Really great sized venue with a great beer selection and good staff.The Cure tribute show was epic!
grashopp k
I've been mostly impressed overall when going to shows and events at Portland House. Went to the Cure tribute show this past week and had a blast! The bartender was really nice and friendly, the band was fun and the facility was super clean-including the bathrooms. I guess the one thing that would have caused me to rate it with a five star rating would be if we had been greeted by the door people in a more friendly manner. They weren't rude by any means, just definitely not welcoming.Overall, a great local place to go see and hear some good tunes!
janice sprague
Excellent place for local bands to play. If you can get in. I bought my tickets online and parked in a secure garage right in the heart of the city. It was "The place" to be. Fun and entertaining. Meet the band members. I got there early. The bands were great. Standing and dancing room. The experience was amazing.
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